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Has the state approved the reports?
Yes the reports have been approved by the state and, in fact, the leadership and staff of the Missouri Gaming Commission and Colorado Secretary of State look forward to receiving BINGOdocs generated reports. Why? Because BINGOdocs reports are consistent with, and mirror, the state's reports. If regulators need to conduct an audit, the occasion information appears on the government's own forms - making their job easier and more accurate. We have found that it is much better for our customers as the accuracy is easily confirmed and the documentation for the required information is readily accessible with no additional work or explanation of your own generated forms.

Who has access to our information?
The data is stored on a secured website and we offer two user names and passwords, which can only be accessed by pre-designated people within your organization. We call them the "day user" and the "manager user". The "day user" can only access the work with information for the current occasion, while the "manager user" can access and edit information from current as well as past occasions.

What happens if my computer crashes?
Since the application is web-based, should your computer crash, all your information will be safely stored and backed-up on the BINGOdocs secured servers which are being backed-up continually.

How do I get support when I have questions?
The BINGOdocs team is known for its timely customer service. You can call or email and our response time is usually within minutes, if not immediately.

What happens if I enter the wrong information and don't realize it until later?
Over the years we have enhanced our product based on feedback from our non-profit customers and, with their input, we have designed the BINGOdocs system to be flexible and easily edited. Occasionally, something new or unusual comes up and then you need to contact us to make the needed change or correction; however, in most instances the bingo manager is able to implement the needed change or correction.

How soon can I get started?
You can begin immediately and we will assist you to input all your information into the system so that your transition to BINGOdocs is quick and easy and we will work with you to assure that you and your volunteer colleagues understand how to use the system. Our goal is to make using BINGOdocs simple and user friendly for all our customers.



















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